Interactive Mondays at Casel Marché

Food. Wine. Community.


*NOTE: Interactive Mondays are currently on hiatus.


Mondays at the Marché are anything but dull. We’ve embraced the slow pace of the first day of the week to create an intimate, interactive event celebrating our unique community and philosophy here at Casel Marché.


After a highly successful and entertaining year of hosting Interactive Monday family-style dinners here at the Marché, we decided to shake things up with a brand new format in 2013. The new Monday allows us to host more people and provide an even richer experience for you - our guests.


You'll get to eat more food and drink more wines and beers than ever before! You'll also receive more small group and one-on-one time with food and wine experts in the Marché, as well as some exclusive guests we bring in to help out. Whether you're already an impressive home cook and entertainer or just beginning to explore what it means to be a 'foodie', the new Interactive Monday has something for you.


Interactive Monday guests also receive a 15% discount on grocery and wine purchases the night of the event! (some exclusions apply).