A (Brief) History of Mondays


Food. Wine. Community.

Mondays at the Marché are anything but dull. We’ve embraced the slow pace of the first day of the week to create intimate, interactive events celebrating our unique community and philosophy here at Casel Marché.

We started Interactive Monday in 2011 by inviting people from our Twitter community, cooking a meal for them with fresh ingredients from Market 17 and pouring J. Webb Wine Merchant wines. We largely left the conversation up to the dinner guests; we found many people wanted to talk about local food, small business, vibrant communities and the interplay between them - we loved that! We also conversed about sports, civic affairs, politics, reality TV... Most importantly, we laughed a lot and we learned a lot from one another. Calgarians are such open, interesting people.

Many guests returned to host and/or cook an Interactive Monday meal for their circles of friends, colleagues and community builders. We’ve had local chefs, foodies, self-professed amateurs and even our own mothers make guest appearances in the kitchen. Guests-of-guests returned week after week to put their own culinary and cultural spin on dinner. In the first year we dined with more than 600 Calgarians!

We are so inspired by the sense of community that's transpired from these dinners that Mondays are evolving in 2013. Keep an eye out for theme nights, fundraisers and some intentionally silly events meant to banish the Monday blues.

We really do look forward to meeting new people on Mondays and we hope you'll join us soon.

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