Valentines Day
February 14, 2012

J Webb Wines

Looking for that sure thing wine? Join us the weekend of February 10th and try some of our features open at the tasting bar:

Heartland Pinot Grigio-Australia $18.95-Light, fresh and full of citrus. Great as an aperitif while cooking dinner or to share over a charcuterie plate.

Marietta Angeli Cuvee-California $37.95-a big, juicy, delicious blend of zinfandel, petite sirah and carignane. Great with steak, chocolate or a fireplace.

Rolet Rose brut-France $21.95-Bubbles make people happy. A great way to start or end an evening or even for Valentines Day breakfast! The Rolet is dry, delicate and smells like a basket of fresh strawberries. One of our favourites in the shop!


Market 17

Is your passion for chocolate? We’ve got every bar of our luxurious “Wild Sweets” chocolate on sale. Richmond, BC Chocolatier DC Duby concocts the most thrilling flavours, “...the blending of the exotic and the familiar, the element of surprise with a sense of comfort.” On sale $3.99 each or three bars for $11. (regular $5.39). Try this bar on for size, for example: “Malted Milk Gianduja with fenugreek-smoked caramelized walnuts”. Dang.

Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day to decadent Belgian waffles by Patisserie Lebeau. Topped with Organic Meadows vanilla ice cream, can you go wrong? No you can’t.

Perfume in a grocery store? You bet. Market 17 will surprise you with the Health and Body Care selections we offer. Pacifica solid perfumes are our favourite! Toss these in your bag to refresh your scent on the go! 100% natural coconut and soy wax carry Pacifica's signature fragrance blends with natural and essential oils. Perfectly portable, affordable and adorable!


In Bloom
Loads of beautiful roses and blooms, “wow” your date with flowers and a hand crafted greeting card from, Red Paper Boutique on your arrival for your romatic rendez-vous. Prices from $35.00 to $55.00

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