EVENT: Wine 101 at J. Webb – April 3
March 25, 2013
Do your eyes glaze over when people talk about wine? Wine terminology can be overwhelming, nevermind the confusing wine labels that may as well be written in Greek! Let us guide you through the basics of smelling, tasting and understanding wine labels.
Location: J. Webb Wine Merchant, Casel Marché
Date: April 3, 2013
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Tickets: $50
For tickets or more information, please call the Casel Marché location: 403.685.5218
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Madeline Puckette(4 years ago)
I see you used our graphic from the online wine 101 section of Wine Folly!

Jenn(4 years ago)
Hi Madeline. Can you email info at to chat further?