• Clear Your Sinuses
    One of the most common symptoms of having a head cold is your inability to breathe. One easy sinus clearing recipe is to bring fresh mint, rosemary, and clove to a boil and breathe in the powerful vapour from these herbs to help unclog congested sinuses.

  • Warm Roasted Apple & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - Holiday Deliciousness on a Plate

    Impress your guest with a delicious holiday dessert. I really like this recipe, because it's really simple, anyone can do it! Impressing even the gourmands at your table. A wonderful recipe to make with kids.
  • Pickerel with Cherry Tomato Tatin - Serves Two

    Pickerel is one of my favorite fish because it can be cooked in many ways: whole roasted, poached, steamed, grilled or pan fried. For those of you watching your food intake, this fish is very low in fat and full of protein.
  • Wow your guests with this delightful summer gazpacho de tomate.

    Making good food with simple ingredients isn't always easy. Why's that?! It's hard to hide the imperfection of the produce. A simple dish needs to be well balanced, or it simply won't taste right. So, when using a simple recipe, you must use quality produce. Another secret? Time - it takes time to make good food. Lastly, lots of amour (love and passion)!