Gazpacho de tomate

What you need

7 Ripe red tomatoes (Herloom work best)

3 Redbell Pepper

3 Sticks of celery

3 Large shallot or 1 big red onion (your regular yellow would be too strong in flavour)

2 English cucumber

¼ Litre of xérès vinegar

100ml Extra Virgin olive oil


Salt and Pepper


Let's cook!

Clean and take off the tomato's stalk (it's like strawberries, if you take of the stalk and then clean, the produce will soak the water). Cut the tomatoes by 6 or by 4 (big wedges). Take out the seeds of the bell Pepper and cut into large squares. Cut the celery and the shallots (the same size as the bell peppers). Peel the cucumber and take out the seeds. Put all the vegetables into a large bowl and add the Xeres vinegar, salt and some freshly grounded Pepper (white peppercorn would be ideal). Let it marinât in the fridge for 12hrs.


Here's the secret: 

After 12hrs put everything in a blender and add a few drops of tabascco to give that little kick and mix it. Then slowly add all the olive oil.


Et voilà !

Bonne appétit

Chef Michel Nop - Head Chef, Cassis Bistro


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